Some of our customers have our trailers delivered to their private property for overflow guests or during house remodeling or improvements.  If you have a 30 or 50 AMP RV power outlet ( Please see pictures of outlets below) and water supply (garden hose is OK) then we can deliver and set it up for you at your property. For those customers without sewage: you can still use the bathroom and waste will go to our tank that we will service on our own . The charge for that is $100.


If your property does not have any RV power outlets: we can make a camper operational on a regular power outlet using adapters but you will not be able to use all appliances and AC at the same time.  30 or 50 AMP power is strongly recommended. Usually any licensed electrician can install it for you for a fee.


50 AMP is with 4 pins

50 amp 4 pins

30 AMP is with 3 pins

30 amp 3 pins


We are able to set up a camper for you even if you do not have any connections ( no water, no power, no sewage). In the past we have deliverered campers to “dry” campsites for OffShore World Speed Boats Championship in Key West or Music Festivals. In that case we offer generators that you can run during the day and quiet electric power packs that will allow you to use electricity after dark when regular gas generators are not allowed ( usually after 10 PM. )


We will refill a tank with fresh water for you and you can use the onboard on-demand water pump to use the sink and toilet. All waste will go to the tanks. Please note that tanks are usually around 30-36 gallons so please take that under consideration when you are using it. Usually it is OK to use it to wash hands, dishes or toilet but showers will drain your water very fast. All campers have only one grey water tank even if on some control boards it shows two.
Do you have other questions about off campground rental use? Reach out – we are happy to help.


It works the same as the above SPECIAL EVENTS aka a “dry campground” section above . There is a Military Campground at Turbo Point Annex at Navy Base in Key West where we delivered and set up for customers without any hook ups.
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